Questions and Answers

There are certain questions that we are asked frequently. Read the FAQs Avarus Swingersclub Berlin and perhaps you will find the answers here.

Before you visit us ...

When should we appear? Should we be there right after opening or can we appear also later?

In general you can appear when ever you want. It can be different when special events are going on. Please check always the event calendar before you visit us.

What do I wear / what is the dress code?

As a man you can come with dark shorts and / or a nice top (T-shirt, shirt) as well as with a tuxedo or fetish clothing – the main thing is that you feel good. What is not possible are towels tied on and everyday clothing such as jeans, checked shirts, white ribbed underwear or similar clothing. Always remember that you visit an erotic party.


As a woman you have the full choice of lingerie, erotic clothing, fetish or even evening wear. The main thing is that it is beautiful and erotic.


We reserve the right to send improperly dressed guests home out of respect for our other guests.

Please read the description of the events carefully.

What do I do if I want to visit you spontaneously and have nothing to wear with me?

For men we have dark trousers to borrow.

For women we have a box of different cloth and we hope that we can find something wich fits you.

Why am I not allowed to keep my shoes on and which shoes can I wear in the club?

Because of hygienic reasons, we do not allow shoes inside our club wich you wore already on the street (imagine what under the sole – you do not want to have it in your bed). Some guests have shoes that they only wear in the club. If you don’t have club shoes, you can make do with cleaning the soles of the shoes you want to wear properly. You can then also wear the shoes you brought with you in the club rooms.

Can I change my outfit and do you have lockers?

We have a changing room and lockers where you can lock your valuables and everyday cloth.

How many visitors will come to the event? How old are the visitors on average? How many women will there be?

Unfortunately, we can never give you an exact answer in advance of a party. Even if visitors register in advance, there is never any guarantee that everyone will apear. Others appear spontaneously. Therefore we never know what the composition or number of guests will be. And who asks exactly about the age …

What do I have to bring?

Nothing but your good mood and something nice to wear. Towels, everything for showering and various cosmetic items are available from us (deodorant, hairspray, e.g.)

We are visiting a swingers club for the first time. What do we have to pay attention to?

First of all, that you have the right outfit with you that you feel comfortable in and that corresponds to our dress code.

Nobody who visits us is obliged to do things that they do not want. So if you want to look around first to let the atmosphere work on you, that’s no problem. In any case, you should choose the right event for you. We recommend a couple’s evening to get started.

We do not speak German. Is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem. Many Germans speak English. Our guests are also not only Germans. We welcome people from all over the world. 

Our stuff is international too. So no problem with English, Spanish, French or Italian. Most of the time one of us is there that speak or at least understand what you need.

Where can I get more information about Swingers? How can I get in touch with others?

In every country there are certain specialised communities for swingers and we do not know them all. Here in Germany we have a big and quit active community wich is also available in English language. Please visit the Joyclub for to learn more.

Then when you're there ...

We are visiting you as a couple, but my partner would like to leave earlier. Is this okay?

No, unfortunately not. If you come to us as a couple, you both have to go at the same time. If you don’t want that, for example because you don’t know each other yet and you are not sure that you really want to spend the evening together, you have to come to us separately from each other and then meet in the club.

I want to massage my partner. Do you have massage oil or can I use mine?

You are welcome to massage your partner. But by no means with oil, please. You can use a lotion that will soak into the skin but not damage our playing surfaces. We always have a bottle of lotion in stock that we are happy to give you to use. Just talk to the nice ladies at the bar.

I forgot my condoms. What do I do now?

We have placed condoms and lubricants in all important places in the play area. If you need a different size, just contact us.

We are in a Swingersclub for the first time as a couple, and now there is a jealousy problem. What do we do now?

Before going to the club for the first time, you should talk openly about what you expect and want (or not). But even if you do that, the emotions can be very different from what you imagined. In an emergency, you should go home, digest the whole thing, and talk. What we definitely don’t want are jealousy dramas during an event. The other guests still want to enjoy their evening. Talk to us – sometimes we have one or the other suggestion that can help you.

I will visit you as a single. Do I have a guarantee of contact?

No. We cannot guarantee that you will find a connection. Only private persons come to us and everything that happens is based on pure sympathy.

Couldn´t find the answer to your questions? Then just write to us using our contact form.