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Chocolate Sunday + Pool of Love

So26Feb(Feb 26)18:00Mo27(Feb 27)1:00Chocolate Sunday + Pool of LoveUnforgettable and unique in the world!


Open from 18:00 until 1:00

Event Details

Eating chocolate can be very satisfying. But when you feel the warm, liquid chocolate on your skin combined with hands working all over your body, it is one phantastic feeling! Experience and enjoy the feeling of warm chocolate running over your body. Licking the chocolate of the body afterwards will be a very exquisit pleasure for every participant.

Cocoa is a perfect nutrient for your skin. The extracts protect the skin and push its strength. Proteins with cell-rebuilding features bring you a fast skin tightening effect and help to rejuvenate your skin. Cocoa butter also inclused many natural antioxidants.

The use of chocolate makes you happy and is good for you skin. The scent of it also releases happiness hormones and helps you abolishing stress.

In the Jacuzzi you can have lots of fun without fear of unpleasant or infectious leftovers. Our Jacuzzi has one of the most modern cleaning systems which filters the whole water constantly within four minutes. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed.

An unforgettable event which will let you leave at the end of the night with a delicious chocolate aftertaste and the resonances of erotic contacts in the bubble bath. It will surely bring a smile to your face even many days afterwards.

After paying the entrance fee you won’t have to think about money any longer. Snacks and drinks are included. You are always welcomed to enjoy our complete oasis including our Germany-wide unique love pool and the exclusive sauna up to the wide-ranging play areas with our beloved love swing and the separate rooms for those of our guests who want their privat sphere….

A hint for the non-smokers: Smoking is only allowed in our special smoking room with a big window to the club area, its own air-cleaning system and a always closed door.

If you have any questions please check out the FAQs.





lingerie, sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious, frivolous, costume, elegant evening wear up to the “little black dress”.



elegant outfit, swinger outfits, fetish, black long pants with a naked torso for example. We have a changing room with lockers. Jeans, sportswear, white everyday underwear, checkered shirts, loose and light T-Shirts.


For men and women:

Shoes wich you wore already on the street are not allowed. In exceptional cases, we can clean high heels. Otherwise: barefoot is sexy and not cold – apart from the wellness area, we have carpets everywhere.

Food and Drinks


Long drinks, soft drinks, beer



Homemade snacks & fruit

Entrance fee


Box office 50 €
Registration 45 €



Box office 120 €
Registration 110 €



Box office 120 €
Registration 100 €


Please note, that we accept only cash payment. No credit cards!


Please note that we only grant the registration discount for registrations made before the start of the event.


Box office = you visit us without registration
Registration = you register via online form in advance. Only registrations that reach us BEFORE the start of the event are valid.


Price for a Couple = two persons are included

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