Men Outfits and Dress Code

Today we address the men directly.

Why? We notice that it is often the case that men want to come to us in T-Shirts and boxer shorts or other everyday clothing. Many men do not own an erotic outfit. And that surprises us, because the majority of the ladies appear beautifully styled and sexy / elegant and specially made up for their visit at the Avarus. Why is it often different with men? Dear men, you surely want to impress and seduce women. In a t-shirt? Probably not … at least not if it is an everyday T-Shirt.

Yes, we know that there aren’t nearly as many offers for men as there are for women. It is more difficult as a man to dress nicely – especially if you do not want to show yourself with lacquer and the usual, often cheap and clichéd-looking clothes. But there are possibilities, you have to look for them and then you can find what you are looking for.

And if you’re in a hurry and can’t find anything in your closet at home: long black trousers and a white or black shirt are a very good alternative. Then the outfit is at least elegant.

On some evenings we have a special dress code – please refer to the respective event!

We ask you – make an effort. It is worth it!

What we (among other things) never want to see and do not tolerate: checked shirts, baggy shorts, jeans (whether blue or black), all kinds of everyday clothing.

You go to an erotic club. Please dress accordingly.

Here are a few examples (of course there are also other offers on the Internet) for men – you will find a lot more on the respective pages:

Many greetings from
Avarus team