News from the 1st April 2022

News vom Avarus Swingerclub Berlin

Dear friends and guests,

the Berlin Senate met yesterday and decided that from Friday, April 1st, there should only be a minimum of corona rules.

This means for us that there will be no more admission control from Friday on. So you no longer have to show us your ID cards, vaccination certificates or tests. The good news is that this will make admission much faster again (and we won’t feel like a border checkpoint anymore).

However, we would like to ask you to refrain from a visit if you have cold symptoms. Please be responsible enough to test yourself if you feel ill. We reserve the right to refuse guests who obviously have symptoms at the entrance or, in such a case, to insist on a daily covid test.

Even if the Berlin Senate has reserved the right to apply an emergency brake, we are now optimistic and hope, probably together with all of you, that life will soon be as normal as it was before the pandemic.

At this point we want to thank you all. Many of you gave us courage during the difficult phase of the closure and also afterwards and simply showed us through your visit that it is really worth persevering!

Warm greetings from your
Avarus team