News from the Avarus

Dear friends and guests,

from Saturday, November 27th, the 2-G plus rule applies. Specifically, this means for you that in addition to the vaccination certificate or the certificate of recovery and your identity card, you also have to present a daily test in order to be able to participate in one of our events. The test must have been taken by a test center. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer on-site tests. We are working on it …

What else is there to report? We’re sending the orgy – the original into a winter break. Until further notice we will close on Wednesdays. Hopefully things will continue as usual in the new year. Why are we doing this? The orgy lives from the hustle and bustle … in the last few weeks the event has not been as light-hearted as we are all used to due to the general mood. We have therefore decided that we will first wait for the general development in order to then start over and have a lot of fun. We finally made the decision yesterday. The birthday orgy was as we knew it from before: happy, sensual and with a really great atmosphere. And since you know we don’t like half measures, we’d rather take a break than a half-baked orgy.

Best regards from yours
Avarus team