The first time in the swinger club

Das erste mal im Swingerclub

We are always delighted when we host couples who are visiting a swingers club for the first time. It’s a big compliment for us when we’re your first swingers club – we know exactly what inhibitions have to be overcome and how carefully you look ahead to where the premiere should take place. We’ve all stood in front of a swingers club door for the first time with heart palpitations. So we know exactly how you feel.

Many couples write to us because they have a lot of questions. Let’s see if we can answer the most common ones…

Very important: what do we wear?

For starters, it is sufficient if the woman wears a little black dress (or other chic cocktail or evening dress) and the man wears classic black trousers and a white shirt. You don’t have to go out and buy any “swinger clothes”. It is important that you feel comfortable and not disguised.

Also often asked: “Do we have to participate?”

No! You don’t have to. We have two types of parties where active participation is desired (Gang Bang Classic and PTG), but we wouldn’t recommend them for a first visit anyway. Just imagine that you go to a nice bar, eat and drink well, enjoy the sauna and the pool and just watch the hustle and bustle. It’s no problem if you watch the whole thing discreetly and then go home with what you’ve seen to process it all first. Everyone reacts differently to new impressions. Some couples get excited immediately and play along – others need time. Decide for yourself what you feel most comfortable with.

Do you guys have a room to lock up?

No we have not. And not consciously. You can lock your bedroom door at home or a hotel room. Yes, of course there are clubs that have rooms like this, but we don’t. We follow a different concept. We have a room in the play area that you can close with a chain and that has a semi-transparent curtain that you can pull up.

What do we do when we meet someone we know?

When something like this happens – and that would be a rare coincidence – you should always realize that the other person is there just as you are. This means that no one can “catch” you doing something with us that he or she is not doing themselves.

Of course there are more questions. Check our “Questions” page to see if your question is already there. If not, you are welcome to write to us. You can also check the community joyclub for further information.

What else do we recommend to you…
  • Go into the evening relaxed and not with huge expectations or pressure to perform. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere, look around and let everything have an effect on you. Just don’t stress – the bar has something good to toast, you can eat well with us on Friday and Saturday and the pool & sauna are still there. So the best conditions for a relaxed evening.
  • If you are a couple: It is great that you have decided to make your fantasies come true and expand your erotic life. That requires a lot of courage, openness and honesty. Your limits are important: it is best to set them in advance. Make up your mind what you want: do you want others to be involved in your game, or do you want to keep it to yourself as a couple? How do you deal with jealousy? Agree on a sign to stop and very important: stick to it so that there are no ugly scenes between you. Mutual consideration and sensitivity are the best companions on this first journey into the new world.
  • As a woman, you have the opportunity with us to express yourself in a very protected environment. You don’t have to go out and find a man and dig around – with us, the guests usually have the same interests. And of course you don’t have the problem in our club that you have to take someone home with you that you don’t really know. And if you don’t feel like it anymore, you just go and have your peace. Ultimately, you are safe with us – we are always there if a discussion should arise or simply to answer questions that arise during a first visit (and later).
  • As a man, you can easily find new contacts with us. It is important here: you have no guarantee of sexual experiences. The guests all come because they want to play. But politeness and sensitivity are the best prerequisites for making friends. A nice outfit is also helpful.
  • The following applies to all of you: if you come to us for the first time, we will show you the club. On our joint tour you can first take a look at everything in peace.

We look forward to you!

Avarus team