The Avarus celebrates its 10th Birthday!

Geburtstag Avarus

The Avarus celebrates its 10th Birthday! 10 years of Avarus – a reason to celebrate 10 years – it doesn’t seem like it to us. So much has happened during this time and we are very happy to look back on eventful, exciting, challenging and beautiful years. We want to celebrate the last 10 years […]

Shine like a Rainbow!

Shine like a Rainbow Avarus Berlin

Shine like a Rainbow! Dear friends and guests, Pessimism has on Friday, 22.7. no chance at Avarus! The dresscode for the Shine-like-a-Rainbow party is COLORFUL, glitter, glamour, colour! For this reason we do not want to see black clothing today. Come up with something – we want it to be different than usual – different […]

Nymph Sessions

Gang Bang Avarus Berlin

Nymph sessions on the Gang Bang Classic What is that? We provide two female “gatekeepers” who ensure that women who go into their care can totally let go themselves. The guards make sure that the gentlemen are all properly “packed up” and that nothing happens that the woman doesn’t want. For two times 45 minutes, […]

Everything is new in May!

Die Orgie im Avarus Swingerclub Berlin

Everything is new in May! Dear friends and guests, “the orgy – the original” on Wednesday will take place again. We’ve been asked many times, but we’ve always hesitated because it just didn’t feel right. But now – specifically from Wednesday, May 4th, it’s that time again! We will reopen on Wednesdays and are happy […]

News from the 01st April 2022

News vom Avarus Swingerclub Berlin

News from the 1st April 2022 Dear friends and guests, the Berlin Senate met yesterday and decided that from Friday, April 1st, there should only be a minimum of corona rules. This means for us that there will be no more admission control from Friday on. So you no longer have to show us your […]

Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War Dear friends and guests, we want to help ! We, the entire Avarus team, are deeply shocked by the current situation in Ukraine. The fate of the people who have to leave everything and flee from the violence of the war touches us deeply and so we spontaneously decided to donate […]

Attention: Updates on the Corona Regulation

News vom Avarus Swingerclub Berlin

Attention: Updates on the Corona Regulation Dear friends and guests, there is (again) something new: the Covid-19-Schutzmaßnahmen-Ausnahmenverordnung (SchAusnahmeV) has been updated. New is: If you got a Johnson & Johnson vaccination, you are not boosted (i.e. not refreshed) with a second vaccination and therefore you need a daily test if you want to visit us. […]

News from the Avarus

News from the Avarus Dear friends and guests, from Saturday, November 27th, the 2-G plus rule applies. Specifically, this means for you that in addition to the vaccination certificate or the certificate of recovery and your identity card, you also have to present a daily test in order to be able to participate in one […]

Men Outfits and Dress Code


Men Outfits and Dress Code Zurück Weiter Today we address the men directly. Why? We notice that it is often the case that men want to come to us in T-Shirts and boxer shorts or other everyday clothing. Many men do not own an erotic outfit. And that surprises us, because the majority of the […]

The 2G rule applies immediately

The 2G rule applies immediately Dear friends and guests, now the time has come in Berlin: the 2G rule is being introduced. If the situation is as explosive as it seems, it is completely incomprehensible to us that the new regulation should only apply from next Monday. We have therefore decided that we will implement […]